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HAvSE: HAmburg neutrinos from Supernova Explosions

HAνSE is a meeting focused on recent progresses and open problems in supernova neutrino physics, ranging from supernova modelling to particle physics aspects and detection strategies. The aim of this meeting is to bring together experts working on various aspects of these phenomena, review the progress in understanding them, and discuss future courses of action.

The workshop will be held at DESY, Hamburg Site (Germany) from 19 to 23 July 2011.

The members of the organizing committee are:

Sovan Chakraborty (Hamburg University)
Caren Hagner (Hamburg University)
Alessandro Mirizzi, chairman (Hamburg University)
Pasquale D. Serpico (LAPTh, Annecy)
Günter Sigl (Hamburg University)
Ricard Tomàs Bayo (Hamburg University)

The session organizers and chairmen are:

Chris Cardall (ORNL) & Gail McLaughlin (North Carolina State Univ.)
(astrophysical aspects)

Amol Dighe (TIFR, Mumbai) & Eligio Lisi (INFN, Bari)
(particle physics aspects)

Kate Scholberg (Duke Univ.) & Michael Wurm (Tech. Univ. Munich)
(phenomenology and detection strategies)

For further information about the workshop please contact hanse@mail.desy.de

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