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The meeting commences in the afternoon of 19th July and ends in the afternoon of 23rd July.
The plan is to have the following one day sessions:
-19 July: DESY Colloquium & Registration
-20 July : Astrophysical aspects
-21 July: Particle physics aspects
-22 July: Phenomenology and detection strategies.
-23 July: Summary & Strategy Meeting

Each day are planned three review/summary talks in the morning and few contributed more technical/specialized talks in the afternoon. After that, there will be parallel meetings for discussions and working groups on the different topics.

The talks and the strategy meeting will take place in the Auditorium of Building 61 of DESY Campus (close to the side entrance). The discussions and working groups will take place in seminar rooms in Buildings 61,62,67.

If you intend to propose a topic for a talk or for discussions, please contact the conveners of the appropriate session or one of the organizers.


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