Icon Welcome (1.9 MB)
Icon Bruenn (4.1 MB)
Stephan Bruenn: Neutrinos and core-collapse Supernovae
Icon Ott (6.5 MB)
Christian Ott: New Aspects and Boundary Conditions of Core-Collapse Supernova Theory
Icon Mueller (9.4 MB)
Bernhard Mueller: Neutrinos and Gravitational Waves from core-collapse supernovae
Icon Surman (2.7 MB)
Rebecca Surman: Neutrinos and Supernova Nucleosynthesis
Icon Arcones (13.5 MB)
Almudena Arcones: Neutrino-driven winds and nucleosynthesis of heavy elements
Icon Shen (1.5 MB)
Gang Shen: Equation of State and neutrino signals in supernovae
Icon Lund (2.7 MB)
Tina Lund: Neutrino Signatures of Supernova SASI-now in 3d
Icon Liebendoerfer (5.9 MB)
Matthias Liebendoerfer: Microphysics of supernova core
Icon Raffelt (5.5 MB)
Georg Raffelt: Supernovae as laboratories for particle physics
Icon Balantekin (1.5 MB)
Baha Balantekin: SN Neutrino flavor evolution at high density
Icon Zhou (1.9 MB)
Shun Zhou: Supernova bound on keV-mass sterile neutrinos
Icon Tamborra (6.0 MB)
Irene Tamborra: Supernovae and sterile neutrinos
Icon Vaananen (5.2 MB)
Daavid Vaananen: SN neutrino signal in Helium And Lead Observatory
Icon Kneller (4.1 MB)
Jim Kneller: Turbulence and SN neutrinos
Icon Sawyer (644KB)
Raymond Sawyer: Instabilities in dense neutrino systems
Icon Mirizzi (2.0 MB)
Alessandro Mirizzi: Matter suppression of collective oscillations in SNe
Icon Dighe (2.8 MB)
Amol Dighe:Signatures of SN neutrino oscillations
Icon Jachowicz (4.7 MB)
Natalie Jachowicz: Low-energy neutrino-nucleus interactions
Icon Virtue (1.9 MB)
Clarence Virtue: Supernova neutrino detection technologies
Icon Sakuda (2.7 MB)
Makodo Sakuda: Super-K+Gd for SN detection
Icon Kroll (3.6 MB)
Goesta Kroll: SN neutrino signal in Icecube
Icon Ianni (2.2 MB)
Aldo Ianni: SN neutrinos in liquid scintillator detectors
Icon Fulgione (8.0 MB)
Walter Fulgione:SN neutrinos in LVD
Icon Tsiledakis (4.3 MB)
Georgios Tsiledakis: Coherent scattering for SN neutrinos
Icon Cardall (7.1 MB)
Chris Cardall: Summary of the Astrophysics Session
Icon Scholberg (2.6 MB)
Kate Scholberg: Summary of the Detection Session
Icon Vagins (6.7 MB)
Mark Vagins: Neutrino Forecast: Mostly Sunny with a good chance of
Alessandro Mirizzi: Acknowledgements


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